Triple Point Launches Spirit of London Kickstart Fund

3 July 2020

Triple Point are looking to invest between £100k and £150k in companies with pre-money valuations between £1m and £1.5m through their Kickstart Fund.

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Triple Point is teaming up with the Evening Standard to support innovative early stage businesses in the UK. The partnership is designed to back businesses making their very first steps in the post-pandemic world.

We often talk about the potential opportunity of a recession for businesses who are just starting out. In fact, historically, many successful businesses were founded in economic turmoil. Airbnb, Uber, Slack and Pinterest are the crown jewels of a whole generation of start-ups that flourished from the latest financial meltdown.

London-based Triple Point Ventures has been investing in early stage businesses for over 15 years. Their typical investment ranges from £300,000 at seed stage to £1.5m at Series A. Their portfolio includes truly remarkable companies, some of which are also our clients.

About a month ago, Triple Point launched the Kickstart Spirit of London fund, in partnership with the Evening Standard. They are looking to invest between £100k and £150k in companies with pre-money valuations between £1m and £1.5m.

The application process is easy, and Triple Point promise to get back with an investment decision within 10 days, with the cash potentially hitting your bank account in just 3 weeks.

You can apply through the dedicated Kickstart page on the Triple Point website. They are looking preferably for B2B or B2B2C, tech or tech-enabled companies.

Triple Point’s Daniel Cardenas-Clark commented that COVID-19 has lowered the cost of starting a business due to cheaper office rents and advertising rates, creating huge opportunities for start-up businesses.

“The world is now a different place than it was before the lockdown and the way we used to do almost everything has changed. This change has brought with it an array of opportunities for innovative start-ups and creative entrepreneurs. Triple Point are delighted to have partnered with the Evening Standard to fund the next generation of talented founders during this difficult time”.

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