Revolutionising AI in Endoscopy: Olympus Acquires Odin Vision, a Cutting-Edge Cloud AI StartUp!

6 June 2023

Odin Vision has recently been acquired by Olympus, a leading global Med Tech company.

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Odin Vision, a spin-out from UCL, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company founded by a team of eminent clinicians and artificial intelligence experts from the world-renowned Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS) at University College London (UCL). 

Odin is using cloud and AI medical devices to create a new era of healthcare by supporting doctors to deliver higher-quality care leading to improved patient outcomes, better patient experiences and increased value for healthcare providers. Their aim is to provide state of the art AI-enabled software applications for endoscopic procedures to aid clinicians in the detection and diagnosis of disease.

Odin Vision, a London-based start-up, specialises in developing AI-powered medical imaging software which uses machine learning algorithms to analyse medical images and provide support to endoscopists’ decision making during procedures. Odin Vision’s cloud AI has been acknowledged for its ability to help detect hard to spot lesions that can develop into early-stage cancer, helping improve patient outcomes by enabling earlier intervention and treatment.

Odin Vision has recently been acquired by Olympus, a leading global MedTech company. This acquisition is set to bring significant benefits to improving the standard of care for patients. Olympus has said that Odin Vision complements their Digital Endosuite vision, which envisions the use of AI and other digital technologies to extend the reach of endotherapy and improve patient care pathways. 

Nacho Abia, Chief Operating Officer at Olympus has said “Their product portfolio fits perfectly with our broader efforts to enhance the capabilities we bring in support of clinicians and to help care teams harness decision-driving data.” 

Peter Mountney, CEO of Odin Vision speaks about their future with Olympus, “Together with Olympus, we are embarking on an exciting journey to bring the next generation of cloud and AI healthcare applications to patients.”

Finerva provided services to Odin Vision for years, including Accounting, vCFO, EIS & R&D Tax Credits. Our whole team would like to congratulate Peter Mountney and the whole Odin Vision team!

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