How Our Clients Are Helping Fight The COVID-19 Emergency

7 April 2020

Many of our clients are taking a proactive approach towards the emergency and are working hard to do their part and help the community.

news : Clients and COVID-19

In these uncertain times, while our daily lives are disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are forced to socially distance from one another, we’ve seen many heartwarming episodes of people actually coming together in the face of adversity.

We are proud to say that many of our clients are among those companies that have taken a proactive approach towards the emergency and are working hard to do their part and help the community.

The following are perfect examples of how innovation and entrepreneurship have the potential to fulfil the needs created by the emergency, within and beyond the health sector.

FollowApp.Care offers free patient pre-screening

FollowApp.Care is a tech company that provides personalised patient communications to clinics worldwide. Leveraging data analytics, FollowApp.Care maximises engagement and adapts to the specific needs of every individual patient.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, they developed a pre-screening solution that allows healthcare providers to get information about the symptoms and health of patients before they come in for a visit, in order to act accordingly and minimise the risk of infection. They are now providing this pre-screening solution to clinics with no monthly fees and no set up costs., powered by hammock

Manoj Varsani is the Founder and CEO of Fintech company Hammock, which provides current accounts and financial services to landlords and tenant. He also volunteers as chairman of charity Harrow Carers which, like many others, was running out of surgical masks and hygiene gel at the very beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Together with his team, it only took Manoj a weekend to create and start sourcing distributors of safety equipments and matching them with charities and companies who need them. only accepts suppliers who sell at cost price or at a reasonable price, in order to avoid companies taking advantage of the emergency for a profit.

SOS supplies is also raising money through a GoFundMe to donate safety supplies to struggling charities.

Free cybersecurity from Senseon

The healthcare sector wasn’t the only one facing disruption as a result of the pandemic. Most of us are now getting used to working from home, which might have been easy for flexible start-ups that already incorporated remote working best practices, but is a reason for major restructuring in bigger companies.

Businesses are reassessing every part of the working day, including cyber security, which is now much more at risk than in a controlled environment such as an office. Cybersecurity scale-up Senseon stepped in, offering 6 months of its 360 Endpoint feature for free. 360 Endpoint enables workers to work from home or remotely in complete safety even without a VPN.

APPII’s verification software for the post-lockdown transition

Many aspects of the pandemic are still uncertain, one of them is “what’s next?” What comes after the lockdown? How do we transition back to a more ‘normal’ daily life?

One of the dilemmas that affected countries face is how to gradually end the lockdown in order to avoid a second outbreak as a result of people going back to their normal habits. One possible solution would be verifying low-risk individuals and allowing them – before the others – to leave their homes.

APPII, whose core business is a personal verification platform for job-seekers and organisations, is partnering with NIITTechnologies to provide a solution that helps determine and verify the health status of an individual.

The solution can be applied to many post-lockdown scenarios, including workers returning to their workplace, the travel industry and the healthcare sector, allowing us all to safely transition back to our daily lives.

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