Yoto Player Wins Design Week Awards 2020 for Product Design


July 3, 2020

Yoto's mission is to provide parents and kids with a high-tech entertainment solution that doesn't affect children's screen-time.

We are proud to share that our client Yoto won the Design Week Awards 2020 in the Product Design category with their flagship product Yoto Player.

Yoto’s mission is to provide parents and kids with a high-tech entertainment solution that doesn’t affect children’s screen-time. Their flagship product, Yoto Player, launched in 2017 through a Kickstarter campaign, is a connected, screen-free audio device that kids can fully control through physical smartcards.

The speaker’s interface, solely controlled by the cards and two push and twists buttons, allows children to access digital audio content while developing their motor skills.

Included with the speaker are many of the functions of any smart speaker, such as setting alarms for wake up and bed time and playing podcasts and radio curated specifically by Yoto for the whole family.

Additionally, the smartcards on sale in Yoto’s Card Store unlock an unlimited range of additional audio content, such as stories and fairytales, music, interactive sound effects and learning activities.

The Yoto Player is designed for children and parents from the ground up. It is completely wireless and charges through a magnetic dock, its display is see-through 16×16 grid of coloured led, which provide an interactive and engaging interface that reliefs parents of concerns about sleep disruption and addictiveness caused by regular screens. The device even doubles as a night light!

On the other hand, the smart speaker offers parents control over its setting through a mobile app, enabling them to set the wake up and bed times, as well as to choose content and program blank cards with home-recorded songs and stories.

Its self-contained, clean and considerate design was, in fact, what impressed the judges of the prestigious award. They said:

“This is a great example of a thoughtful and considered design, and an overall beautiful and well-delivered piece.”

We congratulate the whole team at Yoto for this great achievement, and wish them the best for the future. In the meantime, we continue to support them through our Core Accounting and vCFO services.