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Specialist support on various tax matters

Founders are constantly under time pressure and need to make decisions quickly. However, acting on quick decisions can have far-reaching tax consequences without first seeking advice.

At Finerva we pride ourselves on our proactive, straightforward advice and collaborative approach to even the most complicated issues. We have a team of tax advisors with market-leading experience who are closely working with our clients from day one.

Find out more about our tax advisory and planning services or reach out if you have any questions and our team will be delighted to organize a call.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Tax matters can impact every element of your deal: from raising finance to the due diligence process to efficient structuring of share and asset acquisitions. At Finerva, we offer various tax services and support during M&A including tax structuring advice, tax due diligence and a tax review of the Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Find out more about our tax services during the M&A process here.

Corporate restructuring

A strong tax strategy helps companies to meet their business goals whether it is the creation of shareholder value, an increase in liquidity through attractions of investment or better overall business performance. It also helps to improve corporate governance, transparency, business succession planning, provides easier access to financing, and reduces business risk exposures.

Find out more about our tax services during corporate restructuring here.

International tax services

If you are planning to expand your business internationally, there are a lot of factors that might affect your taxes. Various legislations and tax reforms are constantly changing that will play a role in your business activities and are imperative to understand and comply with. Request a call and chat with us about how we can help to reduce your worldwide tax costs.

Find out more about our International Tax services here.

Capital allowances

Capital allowances, a government incentive, reduce taxable profits by claiming tax relief on certain types of capital expenditure to reduce taxable trading profits. Get in touch with us for a review to maximise your claim supported by our report and calculations.

Find out more about our support for Capital allowances here.

Patent Box

The Patent Box enables companies which qualify for the regime to benefit from a lower effective Corporation Tax rate of 10% on profits derived from the commercial exploitation of patents. Find out more below or request a call from our experts.

Find out more about Patent Box here.

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Find out more about our tax advisory and planning services or reach out if you have any questions and our team will be delighted to set up a call.

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