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Often, the decisions you make as a Founder are based on the advice you are given. You want to listen to those you respect and trust: those with the experience and expertise to help you make informed decisions with confidence.

Giving clear and easy to understand business advice is at heart of what Finerva does. Advice that’s based on advising many businesses and being familiar with the challenges that business owners face.

On your entrepreneurial journey you will come across a wide range of financial topics and situations. It might be forecasting, exit planning, or valuations. Whatever it is, we’re always available to give you the advice you need.

How we give this advice depends on your requirements. For some, it comes as part of our Core Accountancy package, for others it involves a close working relationship with one of our Venture CFOs and for others it may focus on a specific project such as fundraising or M&A.

Ask us a question and we’ll give you the most appropriate advice.

Finerva Ecosystem

As a Finerva client you have access to the Finerva Ecosystem. This is our network of non-financial advisors and experts. These are people and companies with whom we have worked with or with whom our clients have. 

They are highly recommended and can advise you on many non-financial aspects of your business. We have no financial arrangement with these companies. Our interest is only in making sure you have the best advice to help your business grow.

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