Collective Impact programme by Virgin StartUp & CrowdCube

26 July 2022

This is an investment-readiness accelerator for purpose and mission-driven start-ups that have growth potential.

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Collective Impact is back, and this year it’s bigger and better than ever. For the last few years, Virgin StartUp runs this programme in partnership with CrowdCube, and with support from Tribe First, Capital Pilot, Finerva and Marlborough House Partners

Collective Impact is an investment-readiness accelerator for purpose and mission-driven start-ups that have growth potential. This six-week course is designed for UK start-ups that want to create positive change in the world.

The programme provides access to training, networks, and investors to help founders on a mission grow their businesses with a network of investors and crowdfunding. This year, Collective Impact has doubled the size of the cohort.

This is the exciting cohort that was pitching in front of investors at the end of July 2022:

  • 30 Minute Chat platform, designed to help people looking for career advice and provide access to high-profile professionals.
  • Valiant Lingerie creates beautiful lingerie for post-surgery bodies.
  • Aquoprotein start-up that developed modules built from agricultural waste that grow sea-cucumber protein in a green and efficient way.
  • Angel Watch produces child-safe cellular GPS smartwatches.
  • MiiCare with its AI-based assistive technology which perfectly adapts to older users and not the other way around.
  • Gusto Snacks which produces air-dried snacks using fruits that otherwise would be rejected by retailers for their shape, size, or colour.
  • StoriBoard encourages the sharing of life experiences and makes it easy to find and form connections and build communities.
  • Tiwani Heritage focuses on recyclable hair extensions – specifically for women who like to wear their hair in curly or afro styles.
  • Greenr is a one-stop shop for planet-friendly products that must meet certain criteria – from cleaning products to kitchenware.
  • OHMG‘s beverages address magnesium deficiency (each can contain 60mg of magnesium!).
  • Satatland is a sustainable fashion platform that provides the freedom to shop based on how often they repeat outfits.
  • Stocked offers nutritious, chef-cooked award-winning frozen meals with convenient solutions for various preferences.

Programme criteria and details

Collective Impact programme is designed for founders who are building standout consumer brands, truly innovative B2B products, or service providers in high-growth categories that positively impact society and our planet, with a focus on:

1. Technology for planetary health

2. Responsible commerce and consumption

3. Creating equal access to societal needs

Businesses applying to participate in this programme must be focused on scaling change and be looking to raise between £150k and £1.5m via equity crowdfunding on CrowdCube. Applications for the next round will be open in August/September. The programme once again will run for 6 weeks, from October to November. More details will be posted on the official website.

If your company aims to change the world for a better place and seeks to raise money, or if you know a company that meets the criteria, please visit the official website to find out more. Collective Impact might be the programme that will help to accelerate your business to new heights and Finerva is delighted to support the programme support Founders, especially during these turbulent times.

What previous Founders said about Collective Impact

In total, 70 businesses have completed the programme so far, raising more than £17 million in funding. 

Andersen EV, Crowdfunded £727k from 865 investors

Andersen EV has established itself as a premium provider in the fast-growing Electric Vehicle home charger market.

“If you’re new to crowdfunding it is full of guidance and it increases the chances of success. We learned about market preparation and the importance of networking to find your investors.”

Jérôme Faissat, Founder, Andersen EV

Oxwash, Crowdfunded £475k from 296 investors

By using NASA-inspired washing technology and zero-emission logistics, Oxwash provides a vital washing solution for the transition to a circular fashion economy.

The Collective Impact Program was incredible. It taught us more about our focus and the crowdfunding landscape than any youtube video or blog article ever could. The team were exceptional and the calibre of ventures in the cohort was super inspiring.”

Kyle C Grant, Founder of Oxwash

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