Founders' Masterclass:
How to Fundraise Successfully

Reduce the time spent raising finance with insider tips on how to increase your chances of fundraising success.

Knowing exactly how to approach a Funding Round allows you to spend more time on growing your business and significantly increase your chances of success.

Completing a Series A or B round requires a detailed understanding of all that is involved and meticulous preparation. Only then are you likely to attract the right investors and secure the level of investment to set you on your way.

Our Masterclass will help you to do just that.


Friday 18 June 2021

12.00 – 14.30

£69.85 (Incl. VAT)


By attending the Masterclass you’ll have:

  1. A clear understanding of what you need to work on in order to be 100% prepared for your presentation.
  2. Know what to expect when you start your presentation and how to deliver it confidently.
  3. An awareness of the T&Cs you should be aware of how to deal with them.
  4. Post-course resources to help clarify your learning.
  5. An introduction to people, ideas and concepts to help your business grow. 

Seldom is there the opportunity to learn about all aspects of fundraising at the same time and in the company of a single group of experts.

Masterclass Agenda & Speakers 

Session 1: Preparation 

Duration: 40 mins
12:00 – 12:45

Led by Adam Brodie, Finerva co-Founder, Session 1 looks at why good preparation is the key to success and how to approach it. 

Topics and speakers 

  • Preparing financial models, forecasts and KPIs.
    Ben Rule, Finerva co-Founder
  • How to prepare a great pitch deck and select the right VCs to approach.
    Victoria Entwistle of Magnolia Advisory
  • How VCs screen and filter proposals.
    Uciane Scarlett of Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI)
  • Q&A

Adam Brodie

Adam, Finerva co-Founder, has over 10 years experience in advising and helping Founders put together their business plans, preparing pitch decks and get ready to pitch.

Ben Rule

Ben, Finerva co-Founder, heads R&D Tax Credit work and helps clients to build strong relationships with their investors and other key stakeholders.

Victoria Entwistle

Victoria is an M&A advisor and mentor who specialises in working with early stage Founders to prepare for equity funding.

Uciane Scarlett

Uciane is an Investment Principal in the Life Sciences team at Oxford Sciences Innovation. OSI is a Science Business Builder, transforming world-leading science into world-changing businesses that can help solve the world’s toughest problems.

Session 2: Engagement  

Duration: 55 mins
12:45 – 13:45

Led by Adam Brodie, Session 2 focuses on what  a VC wants to hear from founders, lessons from a founder who has successfully completed the process and tips on how to handle pressures of an important presentation.

Topics and speakers: 

  • What VCs are looking for as well as some of the common mistakes to avoid.  
    Nick Kingsbury of Amadeus Capital
  • What Will Cowell de Gruchy of InfoGrid learnt as a result of his company’s successful fundraise. 
  • Why your presentation is the trailer not the movie and ways to make it memorable. 
    Joe Pélissier of Pélissier Communications
  • Q&A

Nick Kingsbury

Nick is a partner at Amadeus Capital, an experienced venture capitalist who sold his own software business in the mid-1980s and who spent eight years with 3i where he advised on over 80 investments.

Will Cowell de Gruchy

Will is the Founder of Infogrid a smart building platform that combines IoT sensors with powerful AI to automate and optimize facilities and building management.

Joe Pélissier

Joe is a communications advisor who works with leading brands and entrepreneurs who want advice on branding, tone of voice and communication strategy.

Session 3: Execution  

Duration: 40 mins
13:45 – 14:30

Led by Adam Brodie, Session 3 addresses some of the Terms & Conditions to be aware of and why attention to detail at this stage is so important. 

Topics and Speakers: 

  • Understanding what is a Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreements and essential legal documents. 
    Bill Cogan, Founder of Seven Legal
    Lizzie Frost, Director, London Law Collective 
  • Getting through VC Due Diligence and some of the mistakes to avoid. 
    Myles Treharne, Finerva
    Uciane Scarlett, OSI
  • Investor Reporting and what to focus on. 
    Tom Connor, Finerva
  • Q&A

Bill Cogan

As a lawyer Bill has advised on hundreds of funding rounds in the London early stage market from seed to Series B. He is also a qualified Attorney-at-law of the State of New York.

Lizzie Frost

Lizzie specialises in advising start-up and purpose driven businesses and will share her insights into the legal documents required to execute fundraising whether Seed, Series A or beyond.

Myles Treharne

Myles has over 20 years experience in M&A, IPOs, Private Equity, Structured Finance and Investment Banking. At Finerva he leads and coordinates the Business & Tax Advisory team. 

Uciane Scarlett

Uciane is an Investment Principal in the Life Sciences team at Oxford Sciences Innovation. OSI is a Science Business Builder, transforming world-leading science into world-changing businesses that can help solve the world’s toughest problems.

Tom Connor

Tom provides Venture CFO services to Finerva clients. He has 30+ years experience and has held senior finance positions in a range of companies, from multi-million household names to pre-revenue start-ups.


Friday 18 June 2021

12.00 – 14.30

£69.85 (Incl. VAT)


Who Should Attend  

This is a Masterclass for ambitious founders and entrepreneurs. Those who want to learn from others with a proven track-record in advising companies looking to raise finance as well as venture capitalists who regularly listen to pitches and invest. 

It’s for those who: 

  1. Have a business idea or vision but who know little about what raising finance involves
  2. Already have a growing business and feel that they will need to raise finance over the next 12 months
  3. Have successfully raised finance but who are constantly looking for ways to improve
  4. Have failed to raise finance and want to learn from their mistakes and improve their chances next time.

It’s also for those who don’t think they need to raise money but who nevertheless want to make sure they don’t run out of cash.

Post-Masterclass Learning Resources  

We want your fundraising journey to be a success. Not everything can be covered in a 2.5 hours session so after the Masterclass you will receive a complimentary collection of learning resources. 

  1. Masterclass Recording  – you can review any of the sessions at your own convenience. It will be available exclusively for you for up to one month after the Masterclass and will be password protected.
  1. Speaker Presentations – we will send you a pdf of any presentation that our guest experts have. You can then make good use of any of the key points or tips they share.
  1. Finerva Fundraising Guides – to help you with your business planning, financial modelling and pitch-deck preparation you will receive a series of Fundraising Guides. As you proceed with your fundraising round, you’ll find these an invaluable reference source. 
  1. Fundraising Templates – to accompany the Fundraising Guides, we will send you a series of templates to help you to prepare business plans, financial modelling and pitch-decks. These will give you proven structures to refer to, ones that will speed-up and streamline your fundraising preparation. 
  1. Access to Finerva CFOs and Associates – after you’ve had the chance to watch and listen to our invited experts, you’ll have the chance to schedule an introductory call with those whose expertise you feel is of value. This is, of course, subject to their availability. 

When attending these kinds of sessions, it’s often easy to miss important points. With the Masterclass Learning Resources you can be confident that you won’t.  

For more information

If you would like to learn more about the Founder’s Masterclass or have questions about it, please contact Emanuele d’Amico, Marketing Associate.


M: 07241 938 540

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