Founders' Masterclass:
How to Fundraise Successfully

Making the UK home to the fastest growing businesses in the world.

The past year has taught us that there is a tremendous hunger amongst UK founders for business growth and the right kind of knowledge to make it happen.

With the Government’s four-step roadmap to ease restrictions set to end on Monday 21st June our Masterclass is designed to set you-up for a rewarding fundraising future.

Our Masterclass is for ambitious founders and entrepreneurs.

Those who want to learn from venture capitalists who regularly listen to pitches and invest as well as others with a proven track-record in advising companies looking to raise finance

This Masterclass is free for all Finerva clients. Please use the promo code you have received via email or get in touch to request one.

Who should attend?

1 Those who have a business idea or vision but who know little about what raising finance involves.

2 Those who already have a growing business and feel that they will need to raise finance over the next 12 months.

3 Those who have successfully raised finance but who are constantly looking for ways to improve.

4 Those who have failed to raise finance and want to learn from their mistakes and improve their chances next time. 

Completing a Series A or B round requires a detailed understanding of all that is involved and meticulous preparation. Only then are you likely to attract the right investors and secure the level of investment to set you on your way.

Our Masterclass Experts will help you to do just that. From our extensive network of contacts, investors and advisors we are lining up an exciting list of speakers. Over the next couple of months we’ll look forward to introducing them to you.

Raising finance takes 33% of a Founder’s time on average.

Knowing exactly how to approach a Funding Round will allow you to spend more time on growing your business and significantly increase your chances of success.

Masterclass Experts

The Founders’ Masterclass is hosted by Adam Brodie, Founder & CEO of Finerva. 

Adam has significant corporate finance experience, including as CFO. He led the exit of Sherwood Technology Solutions to Solera Holdings (a NYSE-listed $5bn group) and advised on 15+ exits and acquisitions in Europe, US and Asia.

Joining him to share their knowledge will be experts with insights into every stage of the fundraising journey. 


To talk about the financial information you need to prepare and how to present it.


To explain what makes for a successful pitch as well as what does not.

Communication Experts

To discuss pitch-decks and why it’s not what you say but how you say it.


To explain the legal implications of fundraising and what to expect from a term sheet.


To discuss how they have achieved a successful fundraise and what it took to get there.

Seldom is there the opportunity to learn about all aspects of fundraising at the same time and in the company of a single group of experts. 

Masterclass Content

This Founders’ Masterclass is a combination of presentations, interviews and Q&A spread across three sessions:



  • Business planning and preparation
  • Financial modeling and projection
  • How to prepare a great pitch-deck 
  • How to select and approaching the right VCs
  • How VCs screen and filter proposals
  • Q&A



  • What VCs are looking for (and what they are not)
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Case Study: Lessons from a successful Series A Fundraise
  • Presenting and communicating effectively during the pitch
  • Q&A



  • The Term Sheet
  • Due diligence
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Investor Reporting
  • Q&A

What Does Your Registration Include?

In joining the Founders’ Masterclass you will have access to: 

  • Full recording of the Masterclass so that you can review any session or speaker;
  • Speaker presentations to refer to at a future date;
  • Finerva Fundraising Guides to point you in the right direction;
  • Business planning and pitch deck templates for when you prepare your next pitch;
  • Financial Model Excel template so you don’t miss any essential information;
  • Access to Finerva CFOs and Associates subject to their availability. 

Not only do we want you to have access to the knowledge you need to make your pitch a success, we want you to have the right resources too. It’s all designed to increase your chances further. 

For more information

If you would like to learn more about the Founders’ Masterclass or have questions about it, please contact Emanuele D’Amico, Marketing Associate.


M: 07241 938 540

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