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In 2007, while working as an accountant at PwC London, I sought some career advice from legendary venture capitalist, Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital. It was simple.

“Adam, don’t go to business school, don’t go to an investment bank. Get involved in the rough and tumble of the real world.”

I did. I joined Baylor Klein, a start-up M&A advisor. In 3 years, I had worked on 20 FMCG exits and acquisitions, ranging from $20-$200m EV across Asia, Europe and the US. I learned the importance of being an advisor rather than being a consultant – keep things simple, provide clear, actionable recommendations. Technology is my passion and so I sought out a leadership role in a tech business. In 2012, I joined Sherwood Technology Solutions as CFO/COO. My mandate was two-fold – help the team accelerate growth and lead a strategic exit.

In 2014, I successfully led the exit to Solera Holdings Inc., a $4bn NYSE listed technology group. Investors and the team made a double-digit return.
It taught me the importance of being part of a team that clearly understands and accepts their roles. As CFO, mine was financial leadership and to maximise the exit valuation as well as simplifying the lives of the CEO, CTO and Sales Director.
The latter is the Finerva raison d’être:

Simplifying Founders’ Lives,


Adam R. Brodie

Co-Founder and CEO


Start-Up Services

Traditional Firm

Big 4

Start-up accounting (bookkeeping, annual accounts and compliance)

R&D Credits


EMI Share Options Scheme




vCFO (e.g. investor reporting, start-up valuations insight, financial modelling, KPI dashboards)

Raise Help

experience to help founders build big businesses

Traditional Firm

Big 4

Team – Big 4 training and experience

Top rated

Team – Start-Up and Scale-Up focused (as opposed to FTSE 100 and OMBs)

Team – Integrated in the Start-Up Ecosystem. Founder-only events and introductions to leading NEDs, Investors, and Advisors

Team – Sister law firm, Ignition Law, for your legal needs

Team – Growth CFO experience

Team – Successful Exit experience